A cancer diagnosis can
upend your world.

Where you go for care can be the difference between
confident care planning and confusion.

Consider these important criteria when choosing your cancer care provider and team:

  • Choose a hospital or cancer care center with active clinical trials in cancer
  • Select an oncologist who participates in or leads current clinical trials investigating the latest in cancer treatments
  • Confirm the oncologist and care team have access to personalized medicine technology to pinpoint the molecular make-up of your cancer so you can be matched with the most targeted treatment possible
  • Ask your oncologist and their team to explore clinical trials as a first care option, especially if there are tailored treatment options being studied that may be more effective in targeting your particular cancer

Cancer treatment continues to evolve and improve.

Where you go for care and who you partner with for your care is vital. Every person facing a cancer diagnosis should have access to the latest innovations in cancer treatment, and at SCRI we are determined to meet our patients and their families where they live and work.

Where can I learn about clinical trials?

Whether you want to learn about clinical trials and treatment options or where you find care close to home, we can connect you directly to a specially-trained nurse who can help.

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