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Clinical Trial Access

SCRI is focused on increasing access to clinical trials for community oncology clinicians and patients across our network. By partnering with key oncology stakeholders, our Access program builds system-level, inclusion-centered enhancements to trial design and implementation to proactively mitigate barriers impacting patients broadly, particularly those historically underrepresented on clinical trials.

The SCRI Access team acts across the cancer care and drug development continuum by partnering with stakeholders from the sponsor to the ground-level clinical teams to patient communities.

By establishing cross-stakeholder partnerships, SCRI Access develops an action plan based on the priorities shared by the partner – a specific clinical trial, an area of the pipeline, a particular community, among others. SCRI then develops the Access Blueprint for Action, personalized to our partner’s specific equity needs and priorities.



Our Services:

  • Diversity Plan Support
  • Analysis of Recruitment & Retention Strategy
  • Study Design Optimization Review
  • 360º Access Appraisal of Trial Experience with Access Action Plan
  • On-Demand Equity Check
  • End-of-Study Sponsor Summary
  • Ad Hoc Access Support

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