Meet Our Leaders

Introducing our leadership team, comprising of both SCRI's senior executives and Research Executive Committees, who are driving our mission of advancing therapies for people facing cancer. Each disease-specific SCRI Research Executive Committee is responsible for formulating and implementing program strategies, building robust clinical trial menus, and educating and engaging colleagues across the network on the latest advancements in cancer research.


Executive Leadership
Research Committees
Committee Chairs

Dee Anna Smith
Howard "Skip"  Burris, III, MD
David Spigel, MD
Vivek Subbiah, MD
Anne Hoang
Amber Woodward-Smith
Paul Ashley
Headshot of Christina Hadler
Jennifer Cole
Mick Correll
Andrew McKenzie, PhD
Pamela Paul-McNeill
Sridhar Nuthi
Ishwaria Subbiah, MD
Marcy Vallone

Breast Committee
BRIDGE Committee
Early Phase Committee
Gastrointestinal Committee
Genitourinary Committee
Gynecologic Committee
Head & Neck Committee
HTC Committee
Immune Effector Cell Therapy Research Executive Committee
Leukemia Committee
Lung Committee
Lymphoma Committee
Melanoma Committee
Myeloma Committee
Radiation Committee

David Buck
Manojkimar Bupathi
Noelle Cloven
David Cosgrove
Lance Cowey
Jim Essell
Mark Fleming
Ben Garmezy
Erika Hamilton
Melissa Johnson
Robert Jotte
Navneet Majhail
Jeff Mattous
Meredith McKean
Joyce O'Shaughnessy
Meredith Pelster
Jeff Sharman
Stephen Strickland